Optional Rituals & Ceremonies
As a Marriage Celebrant I have been delighted to conduct many beautiful ceremonies from a traditional ceremony to the highly creative. I can help you incorporate cultural customs and spiritual symbolism into your ceremony. The result will be a personal and inspiring ceremony that reflects your love and commitment as well as your personal values and style. The service I offer you is one of quality, sensitivity and reliability, supported by professional standards and innovative ideas.

OPTIONAL RITUALS   Celtic Hand Fasting           Ring Warming          Family Blending          Memory Box / Love Letters   

OPTIONAL CEREMONIES · Sand      Candle          Rose          Hand          Rock          Locket

As I give you my hands to hold I give you my life to share.

Hand Ceremony
As I give you my hands to hold I give you my life to share.

Memory Box
Love letters to each other and a drink to share are locked away in your memory box to be opened on a chosen anniversary.

Family Celebration
The Bride & Groom are presented with flowers from each member of their families representing the joining of their lives and futures together.     

Sand Ceremonies
There are many creatives ways to  use the sand ceremony that       include the Bride and Groom and their families, the children of the Bride and Groom or their        extended families.  The possibilities are quite endless with this captivating ritual. 

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