Bubbles are fun for everyone.

Wishing Stones can be a wonderful way for guests to be involved in your special day.

There are many ways to entertain your guests as they create wishes for your future.

Remember to cater for the kids.


Ask your guests to help create a memory tree by leaving a thumb print.

 Happily ever after  can  begin at            home

     Celebrate                                      inside and out

Special places for the children to relax


Cater for everyone


   Mr & Mrs Jarrett
Celebrated their wedding at Treloar Roses, Bolwarra






Mr& Mrs Bailey
celebrated their Marriage at Wood-Eden Daylilies

Unique Detail by  
Mrs Harding

Include your children in 
a Sand Ceremony and have a Memorable Keepsake of your day.

Mr & Mrs Cobby

     Mr & Mrs Cobby
Celebrated their wedding day at Heathmere

Stunning settings can be created in your own garden or that of family or friends

Mr and Mrs Hawthorne 
marry aboard the Rosandruelen in Portland

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