Traditional, unique or a combination of ideas, it is important to me that you have a ceremony that is unique to the two of you and includes all that you want.  Couples circumstances, wishes and desires are unique and so it is important to me that their Ceremony is crafted to suit them.  As your Celebrant, I will keenly listen to your ideas and choices, as well as provide you with my booklet that will guide you through the compulsory sections of your ceremony and provide you with many other choices to consider. 

Our first legal requirement is to complete the NOIM- Notice of Intended Marriage and to do this I will require your Full birth certificates.  Should your circumstance be that you have previously been married I am required to sight whichever is appropriate – either divorce documents or a death certificate.  It is a legal requirement that the NOIM be completed no less than a month and a day before the Marriage Ceremony can take place.

For a better understanding of the legal requirements click here

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